Welcome to the website of didgeridoo group Yirr-ma!

We are a number of didgeridoo players of Tolbert, The Netherlands.  We gather every week to play didgeridoo.  Look at the photos to get an impression of these sessions...

A didgeridoo is an eucalyptus tree branch that was hollowed out by termites.  Real didgeridoos are quite expensive, but you can learn to play on a bamboo or hogweed didge.

The word Yirr-ma originates from the Wagiman language, one of the many aboriginal languages of the Northern Territory in Australia. It means "to be together" or "to come together":

Ga-ba-yu yirr-ma gahan matjjin-gu gornkorn-nay-gu


they came together for a meeting

The logo of Yirr-ma is based on the aboriginal flag:

On top of this flag, in green, is the aboriginal drawing of the resting place (the concentric circles) during a journey (the horizontal lines).


Webmaster: Jacob